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Acne lesions develop when the oil- producing glands in our skin become blocked and distended producing those well- known white heads and blackheads. When the oil gland becomes blocked the Propionybacterium acnes bacteria which are normal inhabitants of the oil gland start to multiply and then produce the inflammation and redness of the Classic "PIMPLE" that we know.

Blackheads and white heads are the precursors of all acne lesions and are brought about by one or more factors.

The main cause is often:

1. Over-production of Oil
Usually seen in adolescence, pregnancy and with certain types of oral contraceptives.

2. Inherent narrowing of the oil gland openings.
This prevents the oil from escaping as quickly as it is produced and so the gland becomes distended.

3. Increased “stickiness” of the cells at the gland opening.
Cells adhere together and block the escape of the oil produced.

4. Use of the wrong cosmetics and make up.
Some cosmetics may either aggravate or cause acne. Many make ups will cause blockages leading to acne problems getting worse.

Understandably therefore, to cure acne we need to have ALL the contributory and causative factors identified and eliminated. This is why a proper skin analysis by a trained professional is essential if acne is to be cured.


Topical Therapy Options

  • Tretinoin eg Retin A
  • Glycolic Acid Lotion
  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Clindamycin lotion

Of all the above Glycolic Acid is probably the most popular. It works by loosening the skin cells that block the openings of each pore. This prevents the formation of black heads and white heads which are the precursors of all acne lesions.

Oral Antibiotics are sometimes recommended initially to bring the acne under quick control while commencing other specific treatments. Tetracycline antibiotics are commonly used for acne but not be taken during pregnancy or with Roaccutane. You are more photo sensitive and thus are vulnerable to burn if exposed to the sun. A sun screen must be worn but one that does not block your pores and that does not aggravate your acne. At East Coast Laser & Cosmetic Clinic we can offer exclusive sunscreen protection that is suitable for acne skins.


If tests confirm that the acne may be due to hormonal imbalance then an anti-androgen hormone or a higher oestrogen containing oral contraceptive pill may help to control the acne.


This has a profound curing effect on acne. This should be considered when all other treatments have failed. The drug is taken for 16 weeks .

Skin therapy treatments that are offered at our clinic to treat acne:
-Blue Light Therapy

Kills underlying harmful bacteria and reduces inflammation promoting healing.

  • Ultrasonic Cleanse and Microdermabrasion
  • Extraction and removal of milia.
  • Vitamin A peel and Organic acne fighting mask.

Depending on your history and state of your skin, regular treatments may be required to control your acne. Whatever treatment is advised, it is important that you be very patient as significant improvement may take a month to months to occur.

Moreover, in order to obtain the best possible results from your treatment, you must follow ALL the advice given, ( not just part of it) and adhere strictly to the prescribed treatment plan.

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