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The galvanic /high frequency technique is exclusive to East Coast Laser and Cosmetic.

Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted hair permanently, by the use of an electric current.The sterile needle is inserted into the skin down into the hair folicle, the galvanic current is passed destroying the hair bulb/folicle. The needle is very fine the feeling is like a rubber band flicking on the skin, no anaesthesia is required. A cooling device is offered for your comfort.

Electrolysis is the only permanent answer to remove white hairs using the blend technique (galvanic and high frequency).Please note Hair laser and IPL hair laser does not work on white or grey hairs.

The blend technique has a dual action, it combines the thoroughness of the galvanic current with the swift action of the high frequency current. These combined qualities make this technique the best available to date, especially when treating very deep, course white hairs.

Electrolysis treatment is performed by the registered nurse. A single use only needle is used, you will be given the sterile needle package as proof of sterility if you are a blood donor this is a Dept or Health Policy.