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Midface Rejuvenation

A youthful midcheek conveys an overall look of freshness to the face.

midface rejuvenation

Our approach to midface rejuvenation has evolved through an increased understanding of the ageing process.

The trend in surgical correction of the midface has shifted from excision and suspension to supporting and filling. This surgical trend has been mirrored in the evolution of non surgical approaches to the midface rejuvenation which are now focused on the use of HA fillers to replace lost volume.

We now have dermal fillers to cater for different parts of the face; and this is not only for filling lines and wrinkles but also for volumising, enhancing & harmonising the shape of the face. Our clinic is able to provide you with these. Hollow cheeks, cheek lines, nasolabial folds, sunken in or sagging jowels can be filled out and turned up to offer a happy, lifted face with the youthful cheeks you once had. We can even fill out the temple area and eyebrow to offer further balance and lift.

Our approach is subtle but effective,  so that others will simply notice you are looking well rather than guessing that you have had something done!

"Why wait until we are fifty or sixty to have surgery, when we can now have minor walk-in non-surgical procedures to maintain our youthful appearance!"

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