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Skin Care Tips

East Coast Lasers Beauty tips for flawless skin

Keep clean

Wash hands regularly, try not to touch your
face, change face washers/pillowslips & towels regularly, use spatulas not
fingers when dipping into your face creams, wash make up brushes every 3 wks
with a gentle shampoo. Always wash your face at night.

Stop Smoking

Smoking causes wrinkles broken capillaries
and deteriorates the skin. Every decade of smoking results in a perceived extra
2.5yrs of age.

Moderate alcohol intake

increases the level of inflammatory agents in our blood stream which
can hasten skin sagging over time

No popping zits

This pushes bacteria deeper into our pores,
causing inflammation, infection and possible scarring. We suggest using a spot
treatment instead our pick ASAP clear skin gel.

No Junk Food

High Glycemic foods cause blood sugars to
rise, triggering a surge of insulin, insulin inturn stimulates oil producing
hormones androgens which actively creates pimples.

Dont waste your money on a toner. A good cleanser
should do the job that a toner is supposed to do.

Stay away from scrubs particularly from the age
of 30+. Scrubs are too abrasive. This constant physical trauma over stimulates
the sebaceous glands causing blockages in 
the pores, drying out the skin surface. They often worsen breakouts by
breaking the skin barrier and spreading bacteria. Exfoliation is best achieved
by a good retinoyl cream. My number 1 choice for anti aging anti acne
treatments for all ages ( except pregnant mums + breastfeeding)

For extra needed exfoliation a glycolic peel
& medical microdermabrasion is our favourite in house treatment.

Be sun smart definitely prevention is your
best chance to reduce the appearance of aging and reduce the risk of
melanoma/skin cancers. A 15 -30 + broad spectrum moisturiser with sunscreen is

Sleep with a luxurious silk pillowslip helps to prevent wrinkles while we sleep!