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Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

Sun damage and time can cause an uneven skin tone, leaving brown spots, pigmentation and redness, over the face, chest, arms, hands and legs.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology is an effective treatment that can correct a variety of these photo-aging skin conditions.Treatments are performed by laser / IPL certified nurses as we are a medical clinic all equipment used is TGA approved.

Micro-Needle Roller Therapy.The Frac-XL Micro-Needling.

Treatments can only be performed by a Registered Nurse or Medical practioner. All equipment used is Autoclaved {sterilised}

Improves Skin Texture.

Improve Chicken Pox Scars

Fill Old Surgical Scars

Improve Depressed Acne Scarring.

Relax scars.

Smooth Wrinkles.

Micro Needling and facial Mesotherapy is the most easily performed using the Skin Roller.The skin roller causes multiple tiny pin point puncture wounds to the dermis.

This dermal damage induces the release of growth factors that stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin.New collagen production is the object of all skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments.

Micro -needling creates dermal damage without the removal of the healthy epidermis,which happens with other resurfacing techniques.

Becasse the epidermis is left intact,the healing period is rapid.The skin does not risk permanent structural damage,sun sensitivity,skin colour loss or hyper-pigmentation.


The visible light delivered by the Photo Genesis procedure is selectively absorbed by the pigmented spots and red areas on your skin. It's the heating of the pigmented cells that causes the therapeutic effect.


Typically, one or two treatments are sufficient to see dramatic results. Additional treatments may be required for very large or dark spots, densely freckled areas, or excessively sun damaged skin.


Immediately following the treatment, the spots may start to darken. You may notice a slight reddening of the surrounding skin. Over the course of the next one to three weeks, the darkened spots will fade and flake off.