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Teeth Whitening

In clinic & take home kits available

With rapid development over 20 years, advanced technological improvement, cosmetic teeth whitening is now one of the most common and most popular treatments today.

The Beyond White Spa System uses the safest, most comfortable whitening technology to bring powerful, professional tooth whitening to clients in aesthetic centers worldwide. Now you can see years of stains disappear leaving the beautiful, shiny-white smile in just 1 hour.

It's safe, effective and fast. Tooth Whitening treatment will give your smile a new lease on life. In clinic treatments Now only $250 Normally $450

Our Opalescence take home whitening kits are the gold standard in teeth whitening. Dont wait any longer get the smile you have always wanted . Ask our dental health educator today and join the thousands of others who've successfully whitened their smiles. And brightened their lives. All take home kits include a tooth mousse to help with sensitivity and remineralising tooth structure. Take home kits from $160 Normally $320


Every day activities, such as your dietary and social habits, can have a significant impact on the colour of your teeth. Caffeine, soft drinks, red wine, tea, tobacco and antibiotics; will all cause tooth discolouration. The good news is that it doesn't have to be permanent. Tooth Whitening treatment can reverse the effects of aging and discolouration; helping you to achieve a dazzling, natural smile in only one consultation.

BEYOND(tm) WhiteSpa is an exciting, new cosmetic teeth whitening treatment that will give you a shiny, white smile in just one hour.


This treatment will not whiten existing crowns or veneers. The whitening process is effective only on natural, vital and non-vital teeth.

What is the difference between BEYOND(tm) WhiteSpa and other methods of tooth whitening?

Although BEYOND(tm) WhiteSpa uses the same cold-light power whitening technology seen in professional dental offices, it has been specially adapted for the cosmetic beauty industry. Designed with the comfort and safety of the client in mind, our 60 minute treatment is safer, gentler, and produces superior results to other teeth whitening options.

WhiteSpa System uses the same technology as is used in dental offices for power whitening, and the results are comparable. The procedure has been simplified such that trained aesthetic professionals can now safely perform the whitening procedure.


Teeth WhiteningMost clients experience no pain or sensitivity during or after the treatment. A very small percentage of clients may feel some minor tooth sensitivity, especially if they consume very cold or hot foods or drinks within a few hours after the treatment. Therefore it is recommended that clients avoid consuming extremely hot or cold food or beverages for the first 24 hours following the treatment.

Click here for more information on Beyond White Spa Teeth Whitening http://www.beyondwhitespa.com/